My intro as a new fashion advice blogger ,and what lead me to start this blog.

Hey hunnies welcome to my blog, where I will be sharing my fashion experiences and seasonal struggles.

The idea of starting this blog came up back in 2013 , after I had lost my mother in 2012. I needed something creatively therapeutic to escape the pain and the responsibilities I was faced with ahead of time .

Most of all was to share my experiences and struggles as a short petite female , plus didn’t find myself looking proper in any outfit because of my weight .

It took my years to officially start this blog as I was trying navigate my signature style . Then back in 2013 I started following a fashion blogger from abroad named Naty Michele whose blog was first called A Love Affair With Fashion . That’s where I got an idea for the name of my blog.

When I first read her blog and the reason she started I realised her and I had lost very important people in our loves and needed an escape to pain , I then fell deeper in love with her blog which was later changed to @Naty Michele.

Then back in 2016 I worked for a UK based fashion retailer brand called River Island, which helped me find my style identity and accommodated my body type . I got a lot of influence from their styles and fits which pushed me to soon start this blog .

I learned how to create an exclusive outfit using normal items and how to play around with colours and different silhouettes . This blog focuses on all females but mainly short and petite females to assist them on what’s good for their bodies and what’s not , as I also learned that over the years .

I hope I will help transform a lot of females, assist them on wearing items that are good for their bodies, how to keep up with trends and the seasonal must haves. Please subscribe to my blog and please leave comments as to how you feel about it. You’re also welcomed to ask me anything regarding my fashion and life experiences ,I’m also welcomed to any advises .

Please stay tuned as I will later unpack more of the seasonal must haves and styles which I created for myself and how to stay in style during winter .

Thanks @faithmakhaf on Instagram and Facebook. Xoxo